Hi there!

I’m Kathy Wynn, Certified Keto Coach. Ketogenic eating has enabled me to beat type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, get liver enzymes back to normal, lose weight, clear brain fog, have more energy and feel better, among many more improvements in my health! I am ecstatic to be able to say this now, especially as a menopausal woman in her 50s with Hashimoto’s disease.

I want to help you reap the many benefits a well-formulated ketogenic diet can bring you. Read my blog for tips and ideas. And I would love to be your personal Keto Coach! Get more info here.

Why I started keto...

When I was first diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, and told it was a chronic, progressive disease for which I would be on prescription meds for the rest of my life, I was so discouraged.  Two other doctors had later told me the same thing, and I thought why am I bothering to try to eat “healthy” when it isn’t improving my health?  I had nearly given up, until I stumbled upon a doctor who said type 2 diabetes can be REVERSED with a ketogenic diet.  That got my attention, and so I started my journey into keto.  That doctor was RIGHT.  I was so encouraged that I went on to become a Certified Keto Coach.

I am still on my ketogenic journey… partly to continue losing weight, partly to continue reaping more health benefits… but ultimately, to enjoy time with loved ones and to be there for them as long as possible.  So I’m right here with you, excited to help you on your own journey.  Let’s do this together!

My best to you,